Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Weekend With Family

Thankfully (I hope no teachers shoot me) this summer is winding down and we’re getting ready for school to start back. We (I) NEED routine at our house. We (I) have been going crazy trying to keep babysitters when Landon’s summer day camp finished. Why they stop it 2 weeks before school starts is beyond me. But that’s another soap box rant for another day. I LOVE some of the babysitters we have. But sadly, they’re not always available. But when they are they completely spoil my babies!

Miss Meredith took Landon to lunch and then to see Hotel Transylvania 3. He absolutely adores her and so do I.


My grandparents, aunt and cousins planned a visit on their way to the beach. We were so excited to spend a day of shopping with Mimi. We saw the fish at the pet store, ate lunch at Chili’s and went to C’s three-year-old check up.



These kiddos also talked Mimi into a trip to the Target toy section. Landon picked out a set of cars from the Cars Movies and Chandler picked out a Melissa & Doug ice cream scoop set. I think the grown ups had more fun with it than she did Winking smile


Once my aunt and cousins arrived we had another small family party with Mexican food and more cake and ice cream. We also went to see Mama Mia 2 earlier in the day. It was AMAZING. Definitely take some tissues.




Little sister was all partied out by the time we got home! The next morning we were heading to the beach!

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