Friday, July 24, 2015

Chandler’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Once we got moved to our post partum room I think I may have taken a small nap. But all I could do was look at her. I got up and started walking after 6 hours. The nurses were amazed. But I had full feeling back and I wanted up. We had tons of visitors throughout the day.
Kathryn, my friend of about 5 years now, took off work to come and take pictures for us!
Waiting in the hallway while I was in surgery. They walked in the door as they were wheeling me down to the OR. I was in a little bit of a panic until I saw them
Right after they brought her into the nursery.
The first time I got to hold my baby girl. I’ve waited so long for this moment. And to have a daugher is truly a dream come true!
And I also got some sugar from my big baby! He said, “Mommy, did they cut the baby out?”
Grammy, Pawpaw and Kathryn getting them some Chandler love!
Chandler brought Landon a surprise. Some little Thomas trains to play with while at the hospital.
Tanner and Jessie came after work that day, along with my friend, Jessica from work.
Aunt Tabby got to come after school and Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Cindy too!

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