Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mommy’s Night Out!

One of my best friends, Jessica and I got tickets to The Alabama Shakespear Festival to see The Little Mermaid! My all time favorite Disney movie! I absolutely love going to the threatre! It is so much fun! And plus…there are drinks…
My mom came and helped Jason with the kids, I met Jess at work and we headed towards Montgomery to grab some dinner first!
Of course once we got there we had to take a picture with Ariel! This play was absolutely incredible! So much like the movie but had its own special parts/songs as well. Can you tell we’re a little excited?!
Waiting on the opening act!
Ran into a great friend! Mama D is one of the best people I know! We got some drinks during intermission!
We had the best time! Can’t wait until the next show!

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