Monday, July 27, 2015

Coming Home!

After about 2 and a half days they cleared me to come home. I couldn’t pack fast enough! I missed my big baby! My mom was at our house taking care of Landon and our dog and when I called to tell her we were headed home she said well we will just stay here and I’ll cook some dinner. Winning!
I wanted to make sure we got a going home picture infront of the awesome door hanger!
I was given this going home gown and I LOVE it! I will definitely be putting it in her Hope Chest
(We HATED the carseat at first)
Daddy loading up his princess. He just got certified to do carseats the proper way. So he’s making sure she’s safe and secure Winking smile
We let Milly meet her new sister. She loves her. Lays by her. Guards her. I hope it stays that way
Oh how I’ve missed this sweet boy! Even though I saw him or talked to him every day that we were gone, it’s not the same as being home with him
Oh how I love these two!

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