Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting Prepared!

At my 36 week appointment doc said, “Hey! Why don’t we go get her on July 15th?!” Um…okay…that’s in 21 days…
So after the initial freak out and then excitement, we scheduled our c-section for July 15th. Went straight from the doctor’s office to Target. I needed to get supplies. 21 days is NOT long at all. I hadn’t prepared anything for the nurses, I hadn’t washed many baby clothes, I hadn’t packed my bag. I had tons to get done!
But first…look at those wittle toes!
And these lips!
Okay back to target…I felt better after this purchase. I’m obsessed with the Dreft Blissfuls. They smell so good! And of course a little lion toy Winking smile
Bottles washed
A very excited big brother “practicing” holding his sissy. I just love him!
I also made the nurses a basket full of goodies and wrapped it with a big pink bow Smile

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