Friday, May 29, 2015

3rd Trimester Update

Ahhh the third trimester…the point where you’re tired of being pregnant and you can’t get cool enough, comfortable enough and things cannot get clean enough. In my case in the heat of the summer I was MISERABLE. I LOVE being pregnant. But usually by month 8.5 I’m D.O.N.E.
This trimester was filled with lots of fun!
Pitch Perfect 2 came out and my friend Lauren and I went to see it! I had this sweet little note and a twenty from my sweetie in my car as I left!
Mine and Landon’s after church lunch dates are something I truly look forward to! I cannot wait to add baby girl to the mix!
Snuggling while I put my feet up after work!

My office threw me a shower! I was blessed to with many beautiful things! Homemade blankets, quilts, gowns and my baby monitor I registered for. Oh and this oh so yummy cake!
I also managed to get tickets to see Garth Brooks! So Jessica and I planned a weekend at the lake and went to see him in Birmingham. Mom kept Landon for me and met us up there for the weekend.
Just look at that bump!
Waiting to get inside!
Swimming at the lake. The pool is always better when it’s been raining and the lake water is murky so we pretty much stay there to swim
Also picked up Chandler’s door hanger for the hospital and it was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be! I LOVED it!
Landon was “helping me work”
One of the partners at the OB office has to see me before I deliver in the case that he would have to perform the c-section. He let Landon measure my belly. We’re right on track and every thing is falling into place!

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