Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1st Trimester Update

Being pregnant during the holidays was EXHAUSTING! I’m glad it’s over! But I can’t wait until the bundle gets here to add to our little ginger family!

How I’m feeling:

I forgot how it felt to be exhausted all the time! Especially chasing after a 4 year old and working full time. Things have been crazy at work lately so that has added lots of stress as well. And nausea/sickness…I’m normally not one to lay around and not get things done. If it wasn’t for my sweet hubby we wouldn’t have any clean clothes or dishes!

I feel like this



Green apples with peanut butter, corn on the cob, grilled squash, ice cream and hard candies (to help with my nausea)


Raw meat. Jason has to cook it until the red goes away and then I take over from there. I just can’t do it.

Coffee: Sigh…I miss coffee. But every time I drink it I get sick Sad smile 


I have the craziest pregnancy dreams! On the flip side I also dream that I’m having a baby girl. Very vivid dreams. We’ve decided on a few names and looking into nursery décor for each gender but I just have that girl feeling.

I also know that with your 2nd child you show quicker…that’s no lie…


This is from about 12 or 13 weeks. Not going to lie…I love a little baby bump!

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