Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our First Swimming Lessons

Once we got home and everything calmed down from our 2 week long trip, I enrolled Landon in swimming lessons. I love to swim and I want him to have that same love. He already loves the pool/lake but I want him to enjoy swimming. A friend’s mom was actually doing the lessons at her house so we would go there from school. Jason took him the first day but the rest of the week I took him and he loved it!


They would all have to sit and wait their turn on the side of the pool. Landon was testing his limits and actually fell in (minor heart attack) but he recovered and learned to sit there and be still.





Love that little face! He had the best time!



And of course we end every day with a popsicle!

All in all he did great. His favorite part was jumping off the diving board!

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