Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oklahoma {Part 2}

Since we got to stay in town for awhile we were able to spend some time with our friends from back home. We had a cookout with the Whitefields. We’ve all been friend forever…our moms have been friends since kindergarten and Ashley and I have been friends since we were born. We’ve stayed in touch all these years so it was great to see them.


Miss her so much!



Lindsay (left) has always been like a big sister to me. She has 2 kids and one is Landon’s age so the boys had fun playing.


It was a great night and LONG overdue!


The next night we met up with some other friends at (yes again) Braums.


Morgan and her baby girl Sevynn. This was the first time I’ve gotten to meet her and she is precious!


Take 12 of our attempted selfie…we gave up shortly after


Love this pretty girl!


Mom used to babysit Lisa, Lisa used to babysit me and now Morgan and I both have babies…kinda surreal!

Loved getting to see all our old friends!

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