Thursday, May 15, 2014

Landon Turns 4 {Part 1}

Landon’s birthday fell on a Tuesday this year. We took a few shots that morning of our big 4 year old. I also stayed up WAY too late making his birthday shirt.


He was so excited when he saw it!


Look at this big boy. I can’t even deal!


I love this boys more than life itself!

My mom got all of us together to go to our local ice cream shop. We also invited one of his little friends to join us! Dad got off work early and my brother and SIL even came.


The flavor he chose was watermelon sorbet. It was VERY tart but he ate it and liked it and that’s all that matters!


Landon and Easton. The buddies!


He had to taste everyone else’s ice cream after he finished his. He liked Pawpaw’s Almond Joy flavor the best. He gets that from me!

Stay tuned for the birthday party post!

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