Thursday, May 22, 2014

EOY Program 2014

With this being Landon’s last year at Collegedale before we moved him to public school, this year’s program was a little more emotional than normal! My baby is growing up so fast! This year’s theme was Down On The Farm so they sang different versions of little farm songs we all know. They had the cutest little set up and decorations! I just love all his little teacher aids and they love him so much!


Aaaaannnnddd Mom of the Year Award goes to me for forgetting that the program was tonight…I had ordered pizza and planned a relaxing night in before picking Landon up from school. Get to school and they’re passing out the t-shirts saying, “We’ll see you back in an hour!” I’m all like, “For what?”

You can imagine the looks I got…

So I canceled my pizza, raced home and get the camera, got Landon cleaned up and dressed and we rushed back to the school…yep…mom of the year…right here…


Landon with Nathan and Isabella. They are the sweetest little set of twins. Their mom and I went to school together.


They did such a good job on the decorations!



Walking in with his class. Such a big boy! He looks just like my brother at this age!



That face…you never know what you’re gonna get with this kid…




Getting his certificate


The best shot I could get. He gets in those moods where pics are a no go…this was one of them…


This was too…just not feelin’ it…


But now with Miss Bekka he will smile…


And another smile with Miss Katlin…we love her!

All in all it was a sweet little program. I always cry when they do the video and the song is always “Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean. Automatic tears…

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