Sunday, April 6, 2014

Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure!


I had an order request for a Sophia the First shirt and they asked if I could have it done by a Wednesday afternoon because they were going to see Sophia and meet her. So then I learned that Disney Junior Live was coming to town! So of course we got tickets to go! There were only 2 left so daddy said he would stay home and Landon and I could go.

So of course the first thing I did was make this…We LOVE Jake and the Neverland Pirates!


I love it! AND I got an awesome new logo for my Etsy Shop so I’ve been adding it to all my photos Smile

I bought and printed our tickets and printed them out so I wouldn’t forget…yes…it’s happened before…talk about an awkward ride home.


Luckily the last few available seats were for the evening show. Once we got there and got parked we went inside the facility. The first show was still going on so we had to wait a little bit…so what else do we do? Take pictures/selfies!



I had to find something to keep him occupied…of course he kept asking for popcorn, the toys, etc.



There are no words…


Once the first show was over we were able to go in and get our overpriced food items! Of course we had to have the MASSIVE bag of popcorn and the snow cone (that I ended up eating…)



I may, or may not have screamed a little loud when Mickey and Minnie came out…I can’t wait to take Landon to Disney World one day!


First up was Sofia the First. I think that it is the cutest little show so I really enjoyed it! Landon seemed to like it too!





Intermission selfie!


And last but not least was Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Landon was so excited once he realized what was going on! He sang all the songs and danced! He loved it!



And of course Peter Pan showed up!


Final number! We had the best time!

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