Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Baby Isn’t A Baby Anymore…

Anyone that knows us personally knows that Landon does NOT like having his hair cut. My hair dresser does an AMAZING job on a toddler that screams, cries, and has one tired mommy when it’s over. I know, I know you’re thinking why do you allow him to act that way? I’m MORTIFIED when he does. It’s the only time he ever acts out in public. So this past time I climbed in the chair as always, put on a drape, and put him in my lap. He’s perfectly fine until he sees the comb and scissors. But this time…he just sat there. I literally almost cried. We were both in complete shock!


He’s always the center of attention when we go. Talks to everyone, tells the girls what color suckers he needs when he done and everything.





No joke…this was monumental!!!


One happy mommy and baby boy!

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