Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve {Part 3}

Once we got home from my parents’ house we got Landon ready for bed so Santa could come! We put out our cookies and milk and got our jammies on!



Of course after I took these he wanted to eat a cookie and didn’t understand that they were for Santa so we had a different cookie right before bed. It’s amazing what a cookie will do for ya!


Here’s Daddy’s stack. Some clothes, new work boots, a new drill set, tackle box and bait, and the dove skincare line.


In my stack was a set of 700 thread count sheets, bath & body works, a dipping crock pot and yes people…that is the embroidery machine I’ve wanted for 2 years! WHOOP WHOOP!!!


Landon’s stack had the blue bicycle he asked Santa for, accessories for his Innotab, the Ninja Turtles, 2 new sets of sheets, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, a soccer ball and some action figures. Of course he got tons of books and some DVDs.





Merry Christmas!!!

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