Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 North Pole Breakfast

We love our elf, Tinsel. He’s a great scout elf. This is his second year as part of our family and he always does fun things such as our North Pole Breakfast. Landon’s friend Easton always comes over the day after Thanksgiving so he always get to partake in the fun and Tinsel brings him goodies as well!

DSCN3123 (2)

He gets out all of our Christmas books as well as our Elf on the Shelf book. He always brings yummy treats for the kids and even presents!

This year our feast included: Christmas Crunch cereal, white powdered donuts, Christmas tree cakes and wreath cookies. Oh and chocolate milk of course. The kids got new peppermint sippy cups and coloring books and a calendar






They have the cutest conversations while eating their treats. They look at the books and even talk to Tinsel. (Even though they know he can’t answer back!)

Next they opened their gifts he brought from the North Pole


Tinsel knows how much we love our yearly ornaments so he always brings Landon a new one. This year he received a train



Daddy had worked the night before but he stayed up to watch Landon’s reaction to Tinsel’s return. He helped Landon hang his ornament on the tree.

After that the kids opened their wrapped gifts. Their gingerbread trains. Or in Landon’s words “cookie train”





Tinsel also brought the Elf Story movie which was a huge hit! They boys had a great, fun day of playing while I cleaned up from Thanksgiving and then rested. I was actually very sick with what felt like pneumonia but it turned out to just be an upper respiratory infection. This resulted in an antibiotic and steroid shot…no bueno!

All in all it was a great day!

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