Saturday, August 24, 2013

Catching Up!

I’ve gotten a little behind so I’m going to be doing some catch up.


A thumbs up while playing with daddy. He loves his trucks!


I dunno where he gets it from Winking smile


I actually had to cover his Sunday School class for church the next morning so we played some play dough and colored along with his Bible study.


“Mommy! Do you see the snake?”


I have taken on the task of making Christmas stocking for Landon and my sister-in-law. My nanny made them for all of us a very long time ago and once we all married and Landon was born her Alzheimer’s was too advanced for her to even try. So I went ahead and ordered them so I’d have plenty of time. It’s going pretty well I’d say. I’m glad I gave myself enough time.






It has pretty easy step by step instructions but I’m learning a lot. I think it’s going to turn out great!

I have also taken over the 4 and 5 year old Sunday School class with my friend Mandi. Here are some shots of my class room





So far it’s been pretty great…

Mimi and Grandad made a visit as well!


Last time they visited it was so hard for me because he didn’t know them well and was really shy and it broke my heart! He was so much better this time! Played with them and loved on them. Really made me feel better.


We made homemade blueberry/strawberry ice cream. Landon loved it! It was divine!

And lastly we went to the cabin and met my dad’s sister and her family! 2 family visits in 1 week was awesome! Plus it was a little vacation for us.


He loved the frisbee. He had the best time with the boys!


His pronunciation of banana is more of a ba-anana. Like there’s a pause there every time. It’s so funny. So this float was the ba-anana chair.


Here are our duckies again. We fed them some bread while grilling one night. They are stingy little things! But love people!

We’ve had a great summer all in all. Landon started his “official” 3 year old class. Here are our first day pictures.


He’s growing up so fast! God love him!

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