Monday, July 29, 2013

Blake’s 4th Birthday!

I took Landon to his buddy Blake’s 4th birthday. It was Ninja Turtle themed and they had an inflatable water slide and a small inflatable for the smaller ones. These kids had the best time! We got Blake a Ninja Turtle poster, cup, and coloring books and markers.


We got there early to I could help Tabby set up and finished getting the food ready so Blake went ahead and opened his gift.



Almost party time!

Blake was so excited that there were going to be 4 candles on the cake!



So we get outside to start the party and what does my son do? Play with trains. THE ENTIRE PARTY! He wouldn’t get in the water at all! And let me tell you…it was HOT!

But I did get some shots of all the other people’s kids having fun on the water slide…





The birthday boy! We had cheese pizza as well as cake and ice cream. And there are those 4 candles. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I love this little boy!

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