Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching Up, Lake and Father’s Day Fun!

We started off the month with Landon’s 3 year old check up.


Waiting to go back to see Dr. Freeman. He weight 35 pounds and was 31 inches tall. He’s in the 25th and 50th percentile which is great. He was NOT happy about getting his blood pressure checked for the first time.

Afterwards we did some shopping and got some ice cream at the mall.


Lastly we went to Sam's and had some fun while waiting on our pizza.



Now that Landon is 3 he has been moved downstairs to the 3 year old class. It’s been quite an adjustment. I know that everyone has to adjust, including the teachers, but it’s been rough. First of all, I was not informed until the first day that we had to have a nap mat. They slept on cots in the 18 month and 2 year old class so none of the parents knew. When we offered to raise the money to buy the cots we were shut down by the board because there is supposedly not enough room for them downstairs. So I broke down and bought this one on Etsy.


It’s really cute and personalization was included in the price so it has his name on it.

He also got a new L.L. Bean backpack and lunch box. Every other year they buy a cheap one from oriental trading or somewhere and they fall apart after 1 month or so. I would much rather spend money one something with good quality. He’s even starting to wear it on his back and he looks so grown up!

We’re also potty training. Ugh! (Insert stressed out face and tone of voice) He wants nothing of it. At first he was all excited and now it’s a hassle and he pitches a fit and doesn’t want to sit on the potty. But we’re working on it and eventually, HOPEFULLY he will get it.

This week I began reading the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and let me just say…OMG!


It’s on up there with The Notebook and The Wedding which are my two favorites by Nicholas Sparks! I started reading it on Thursday and was finished by Saturday night. It begins with a beautiful young girl named Katie who is beginning a new life in Southport and meets a handsome man named Alex who has two children named Josh and Kristen. The twist is that Katie has a past and an abusive husband that she has ran away from. This book was SO GOOD! I could barely put it down!

We also went up to the cabin for the weekend and spent some time at the water. Landon is my little water baby. He would stay all day if I would let him. We have been on the hunt for a life jacket that would fit it. It came down to Mickey Mouse, Lightening McQueen, or Nemo and of course he picked Nemo. So he didn’t fight too bad when we put it on him. I foresee swimming lessons in the near future just because he loves the water so much. We had a great time! A little music, some yummy things to sip on, and some great family time.


We stopped at Zaxby’s on the way to there to get some dinner. It takes awhile to get there and we always stop half way and pick up groceries so we usually eat when we stop. He has started asking to wear his hat anytime we have one on so we picked up a new one and Crazy 8 last weekend. It’s a little big but the infant ones are way too small.



This one is definitely being framed! I love it!






My parents. I love that they have this place for us to share. It makes for great memories and family time!

We tried to get him to eat some watermelon but he didn’t like it. I don’t blame him though…I don’t like it either. My mom ate the stew out of it when she was pregnant with me and to be honest I can’t stand it! So he and I had ice cream instead Winking smile





Britt (who was actually my 17th birthday present but my dad wouldn’t let me take her when I moved out) has decided that she likes Landon and has been caught snuggling with him a lot lately. She’s older so it took her a long time to warm up to him.



With Sunday being Father’s Day, we packed up and headed home early from the lake. We made a few stops on the way home to Target, Kirkland’s, and Lowe’s and then came to mom and dad’s for dinner. Dad wanted to smoke some ribs so that’s what we did. Ribs, vegetables and rolls. We gave pawpaw some new Pro-V 1 golf balls and the new George Strait cd and for daddy we got him some new goodies that he has been needing for his new job. (That will be released later!)

Happy Father’s Day!


  1. looks like ya'll had a blast!!! My little Landon is growing up SO fast!!

    1. We did! Miss you! We need to get together soon!

    2. yes maam we do!! Miss ya'll too!