Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Outside Time

This sweet little boy of mine would live outside if I would let him!


He has realized that trucks go in the dirt! The only problem is that before I can check for snakes he’s running over there so of course that makes me nervous! But once everything’s checked out it’s on from there. His new nickname is Pig Pen (you know…like Charlie Brown?)


Needless to say we have muddy water and have to drain the tub and start over because I’m OCD like that! Yuck! But he has a ball and that’s okay with me!

We recently inherited a swing set from Jason’s Aunt and Uncle. It’s in great condition it just needs a new paint job so that’s soon to come! But he absolutely loves it!


Daddy was pushing him in the “big boy swing”


Now Daddy was showing him how to push himself. And of course I’m in the house, taking pictures through the blinds! ;)



I absolutely adore this picture! Even though my baby is covered in dirt I love it! He is such a Daddy’s boy! (But still mommy’s baby!)




The rest of our night involved grilling out and just playing outside! I love warm summer night where he can play until dark! I can’t wait until we can show him how to catch lightening bugs! Maybe it will be warm enough for them soon!

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