Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Landon’s End of the Year Program

We’ve all been pretty excited to see what the kids have been working on for their End of the Year Program. The theme was “Under The Sea.”  When we got there Landon went to his classroom so we could find good seats. I wanted to video so I stood at the back because if he saw me he would want to get down off the stage and stand with me. There were bubble machines…they said that the kids weren’t phased because they had been practicing with them for months…well guess who’s child was distracted…

Notice the pretty little blonde in the front middle with the big pink bow…well…there’s a little redhead behind her that never turned around from the bubble machine…which in tow made Asa…his partner in crime and another little redhead, Brayden chase bubbles right along with him…oh well…it was funny at least.

After all the classes did their individual numbers they all got up on stage and sang a song together. He actually did the motions because he was too far away from the bubbles…thank goodness!1




Grammy got busted so he ran to her but actually went back to the front without a problem! Phew!


This was our best attempt at a family photo for the night.


Landon had a great year! We can’t wait to see what his 3 year old class holds!

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