Monday, May 6, 2013

Landon Turns 3! {Part 1}

Landon has recently become obsessed with dinosaurs! We were planning on having a Bubble Guppies party for him but Jason thought he would love a dinosaur party instead! So I started working on it in February so I would have enough time to prepare. OCD…right here! I started with the invitation. I wanted a large 3 with dinosaur silhouettes. This is my go to gal for invites! She always does a great job!
So I based the d├ęcor around it. I added brown due to the cake being chocolate. We only invited a few people. Just a small party this year. And it rained so everything was inside.
I decorated inside because there was a chance of rain and if the sun came out then we would just have gone out after the singing festivities but…that didn’t happen.2
Best one we could get of all 3 of us.
My big handsome boy.
I made this and was pretty proud of it if I do say so myself.

I love this one!
Asa helped him with his presents. They sure do love each other!
He had the best time! He got TONS of dinosaurs, race cars, police cars, books, movies (including Land Before Time), and some clothes. Afterwards we cleaned up and all took a LONG nap!
For his actual birthday we went to the Zoo for the first time! Stayed tunes for Part 2!

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