Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Our College Ministry at our Church does Flamingo Flocking to raise money. It’s really cute…until we got flocked!
There are 20 of them! You can donate $10 to have to removed from your yard or donate $20 to find out who flocked you and seek revenge! They do really well with it and people that aren’t from our church even get in on it!
My 27th birthday rolled around on the 18th and I got some great gifts from my Mimi Sue! There’s always time for Brighton Jewelry!
She knows how much I like sparkly stuff ;)
I also got flowers at work from my parents and Landon and a cake at work!
It was SO GOOD!
The weekend rolled around and we went to the lake for the Spring Festival. I have gotten into deco mesh wreath making so I made a bunch and we went up there to sell! I had the cutest little helper while I worked too!
Cutest Helper
Dragon Help
Once we got to the lake Landon helped Pawpaw grill supper and we relaxed and enjoyed the festival.
Landon wanted to play basketball with the big boys
Also got to meet Kevin Moon who performed at the festival! He has a new album on iTunes and he is awesome! There’s a striking resemblance to my husband! Haha! But he can’t sing like Kevin Moon!

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