Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Eve 2013

If you know me at all it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE to host dinners at my house. I love family dinners the most. I love the stories, the laughter, the playing, even sometimes the arguing as all families do! I usually host Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas morning at my house so Landon can spend that time at home. Before he was born and Jason and I were just dating we would burn up to roads to go to other families houses but lately we just let them come to us. I want Landon to remember our traditions.

This year was no different. I told my family in January that I would do Easter lunch. Now that my brother is a police officer we have to discuss things early to tentatively plan around his schedule. So when I got our tax refund I went ahead and bought all my ingredients for my meal and froze most of it (i.e. the huge ham I found!)

This years Easter Menu:

Baked Ham

Mashed Potatoes

Corn or Corn Casserole

Deviled Eggs


Buttermilk Pound Cake

Water/Tea/Soda (what have you)

That morning while I was getting ready to begin cooking Jason and Landon fixed my glider/recliner that was my very first Mother’s Day gift. Someone (my brother) plopped down in it one day and I think one of the bolts broke and it wouldn’t glide right so after many months of my fussing about it Jason decided it was time to fix it and Landon was right there to help him!


You can’t see it but Landon has a little wrench in his hand and he kept stealing the bolts daddy was using. He kept saying, “I help, daddy!”

After that I got all my ingredients ready to make my Mimi Sue’s famous buttermilk pound cake! (sorry I can’t reveal the recipe!) I wanted to make something special for my brother and I had never baked it before. I am always afraid of making things that only my grandmothers have made for so long in the fear that I will totally wreck it and people will never let me live it down! But it turned out great!


I requires a lot of ingredients but it was totally worth it! And it baked perfectly and looked exactly like Mimi Sue’s! I was so proud of myself and relieved at the same time!


Later that afternoon Kathryn and Easton came over to play while our hubbies went fishing. Jason got a new fishing pole for Valentine’s Day/Tax Refund (haha) and he has been putting it to good use lately. So while the boys were playing Kathryn and I caught up on everything that’s been going on lately in our lives. We then decided to do the famous dying deviled eggs everyone is doing on Pinterest.


I am not the best at hard boiling eggs. I always do it too long or not enough. So we found another “pin” and it said to put a tablespoon of baking soda in your boiling water and it helps the shell come off easier. So we tried it after our first batch didn’t look so swift. IT WORKS! And the hardened egg yolks look like this


No yucky green color. They were really pretty actually. The first one I cut open I freaked out because I thought it wasn’t done. But it was and one of the side notes on the pin said that the yolks will be a prettier yellow and now green. Good to know! I’m a bad blogger and didn’t take an after picture but I can assure you that they were really cute! I did pink, orange, yellow, green, and purple. And they were a big hit!

We ordered pizza once the boys got home and we watched the movie Ted. I’m not sure how I felt about it. We also rented Rise of the Guardians which I LOVED!

Once dinner was cleaned up and all the toys were put away, church clothes laid out, and Landon was bathed and ready for bed, we were ready for the Easter Bunny to come! He was very good to Landon this year!


With all these goodies I still want him to remember the meaning of this day. That our savior Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins.

Happy Easter and God Bless!

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