Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Early Spring Cleaning

So I’ve been reading on Pinterest about how to clean microfiber suede furniture. All the salesmen will tell you that a baby wipe will keep them clean but I have news for them! They don’t!

So I found this page and pinned it to my cleaning board. I knew it would be a days worth project. So we were home on a Saturday afternoon, my hubby was home for a hunting break, and before he took a nap he helped me take all the covers off the cushions. We have a sofa and love seat so that’s 5 cushions in all. The tricky part is that each cushion has a bottom and top piece. So technically we removed 10 from each cover. Phew!

Between the site above and some more research I did before washing the covers I read that you only rinse them. Don’t use detergent or softener. Some may stain or leave marking on your covers. So that’s what I did. Here are some before and afters of the covers.



Notice the water/baby slobber/sippy-cup spills/everything else. We’ve had these couches for over 3 years and they were due for some heavy cleaning. Once they were stripped I put them in the washer and just did a rinse and spin cycle. I laid them over the back porch railing to dry in the sun. The article also said don’t dry them because they may shrink! We had a touch enough time getting them off! If they had shrunk I would have DIED!

Here’s the top of the couch before…


This is where Oreo usually lays. I usually have a towel there but lately Landon will pull it off. You can tell he licks the cough while bathing himself and what-not.

The article says to spot clean a microfiber suede couch with rubbing alcohol because it doesn’t absorb or fully saturate like water. And it worked!

I just put it in a spray bottle, scrubbed with a new sponge that matched the couch (so the color won’t transfer over) and let it dry. After it’s dry take a new scrub brush (I have one dedicated for this task only!) and revive the fibers by scrubbing in little circles and it will look great!

Here’s the after…


So pumped! I did a few more spots but this was the most prominent to see on a photo.

Here’s the cushion covers! I was so impressed with how it turned out!



Once I got them back on (by myself because Jason had gone back out to the woods) I used my brush and went over the whole piece of furniture to fluff it up! I think they look brand new! I was so excited!

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