Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little of This & A Little of That


Does this picture look odd to anyone? Why yes…we’re outside…in January…with a short sleeve shirt on and no coat/jacket blowing “Bobbles” as Landon calls them. The weather here is CRAZY as usual. That’s why no one can stay well in Alabama. It’s hot and humid and over night it’s freezing and windy or rainy and then snowing one day and hot the next. Anyway…isn’t he the cutest thing! He had to have a bath shortly after because “bobbles” were all over him and me!

Poor baby. He was trying to stay awake and watch Miss America with us but he was bored ;) I didn’t blame him. I liked New York, she was so cute and she’s originally from Alabama and a fellow ADPi (Yay!) but I wanted Alabama and Oklahoma in the finals :(


He conked out shortly after I took this.


I bought this with some of my Christmas money! I was so excited and had heard a lot of good things about it and I must say that I love it!

My friend Kathryn called me saying that Easton had been asking to come see “Wandon” for a few days so we ordered in and they came over and let the boys play! I love that they miss each other and get along so well!



They’re both loving trains right now so that’s all they did after dinner. We had train track streaming from Landon’s room through the living room and half way through the dining room! I love their little imaginations!


Took a train break to watch Shrek.

That weekend my parents came and removed some queen size mattresses from our spare room which opened a TON of space so I got to work moving things around, organizing and cleaning out. I see a yard sale in my near future!

Pulled a pinterest on all my scarves and it opened up so much room! Amazing how scarves could clutter but they do!



Spare closet. Organized clutter but better than it was!

And while cleaning out I found these…


My Nanny’s knitting and crocheting needles! I cried! I want to learn and I only know how to do a chain (it’s a darn good chain though) but I am going to get some books and learn how. These are such special treasures to me!


That night I baked some cookies and discovered a small bite missing while they were cooling! So we either have a big rat in the house or Landon snuck a bite! Hmmm…

For dinner it was chicken and rice. Something Landon will devour!



He’s so picky these days I love it when he dives into something


Another project we’re looking into. This would save up so much space and just slides under a bed. My dad said he would look into building it for Landon!


We had to send this to Aunt Kara and (future) Uncle Curtis! He finally but the toboggan on! Such a cutie!

15 We also got a new Chick-fil-a in our town! Thank you Lord! I also want to eat there when we go out of town and now we don’t have to! Yum!


Love this one! Landon loves playing with daddy!

I’m also about to do a living room makeover! I’m about the incorporate some yellow tones for a pop of color! Here is one of my first projects.


So excited! I’m also going to change out my brown pillow covers for a dark yellow and we’re making some 11x14 picture frames for a bare place I have left open for wedding pictures…yes I’m sorry to say I am just now blowing them up to frame…but I wanted the perfect place for them and now I have it!

Stay tuned for a new menu plan!

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