Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa and a Church Christmas Cantata

Friday when I got off work at noon I rushed home so we could take Landon to see Santa. I figured if we would hurry we could catch him right after his lunch break and we were pretty darn close! We only waited for about 10 minutes

I love the set up at the mall. I think it’s great!


Here’s the best Santa pic we got. I like it before they’re actually talking about “Tambo.”


The others look like he’s thinking, “Please mom…”

There are a couple more Santa opportunities around town before Christmas so I hope we will at least let me get a good one. If not…this is it I guess.

Saturday while Daddy went hunting we cleaned house and played. Mimi and Grandad gave Landon some cling-ons for the front door (which we’ve never done before) so I put them up for him to play with and he loved them!


Once Jason got home I started getting ready for a Bridal Shower for our friends who are FINALLY getting married on the 15th! After that I was going on a mommy’s-night-out with my girlfriends while daddy stayed home with little man! It was great and well appreciated! People don’t understand how one night to recuperate can make you feel so much better! I stayed the night with Courtney (Aunt CoCo as Landon says) and just got up early and ready for church at her house.

She gave me these for a Christmas gift! I have a cake stand and decorative plates to match and I LOVE THEM! She knows me all too well!


At church we got to listen to our wonderful choir! The children’s choir joined them for a few songs. It was truly a blessing to get to hear first hand! They are all so talented and every one that had a solo rocked it!


The opening song!

securedownload 2

Mr. Jason rocking out! I had no idea he could sing like that! However, we are still kind of new…it was beautiful!

securedownload 3

This is Ms. Missy, the preacher’s wife. I didn’t know she could sing like she did either! I was so proud of all of them!

securedownload 4

The Children’s Choir did an amazing job and they are all so cute! There were even some solos from the kids!

securedownload 5

In the middle is the choir director Mr. Tim. This was a trio called Jesus, I Want Your Presence and It was beautiful! Makes me really contemplate getting back in the choir at church. It’s such a hard decision…I haven’t sung in the church choir since I was a little kid. There are more reasons than that but you don’t want the sappy details.

Sunday after church Jason went hunting and I ended up taking a nap (I didn’t even mean to!) Landon slept for about 2.5 hours, which never happens, and I guess I dosed off!

After we woke up we had a snack and I decided to tackle his room…


securedownload 6

I’m embarrassed at how bad it got…so after a couple long hours of cleaning/organizing…


securedownload 7

Ahhhhh…much better Smile

And one for the road…I love how much he loves his choo choos. He has to take them everywhere! Even to the dinner table!

securedownload 8

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