Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Book Signing and A Wedding

Our friends had their beautiful little wedding today. It was so nice and simple and sweet. I loved it! There was a solo violinist, a beautiful chapel, and great friends. We are so happy we could share that with them!

N&L 12-15-12 (2)

Love how close they are. They are always there for each other no matter what.

N&L 12-15-12 (4)

Lacee’s son Eli.

N&L 12-15-12 (5)

I love these burlap bows!

N&L 12-15-12 (6)

Simple and sweet, and some more burlap bows! LOVE!

N&L 12-15-12 (12)

She looked beautiful walking down the aisle. I get emotional at weddings so I missed a frontal view…SMH

N&L 12-15-12 (14)

Nick’s dad was his best man and Lacee’s best friend was her Matron of Honor.

N&L 12-15-12 (20)


On our way to the reception. Since we looked pretty we might as well capture it ;)

N&L 12-15-12 (25)

N&L 12-15-12

Those cakes were so yummy!

My parents kept Landon for us so we could attend all the wedding festivities. We went home, took a power nap and got ready for the after party they were having. As we were heading that way we hit a deer :(

No fun. More internal damage than external. Thankfully Landon wasn’t with us. We did however have to call my parents to hitch a ride to the party after my car was towed.

Once we were there it was time to unwind and settle our nerves.

We ended up having a wonderful time!

After Party

Earlier that morning before mom got Landon from me, we went to a book signing of a friend of mine that wrote a children’s book. It’s call Emily Goes To Church by Sarah Butler Clower.

We got there a little late and she was already reading the book aloud.




You can get this book from It’s a great story and educates children about church, God, and much more! I’m so proud of her!

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