Saturday, December 22, 2012

Landon’s Christmas Party

Landon’s class party was on Friday. I was only able to get off long enough to see Santa give him his gift and then I had to go back to work but that’s ok! Jason took him home once we were done.

He was so excited when he realized what was going on!


He didn’t see us at first. I was hoping he wouldn’t but of course he did!


Right here…we were busted!


So here he was throwing a fit because he wanted to sit with us and I wanted him with his class…he eventually won of course.


Not the best Santa but he got the job done. Landon was a lot more comfortable this time.



Once he got his present he kept trying to take it and show Santa (in front of everyone else’s kids of course) I was like, “Okay time to go!”

We said our goodbyes to our teachers who we love so much! And I went back to work and Landon went home with Daddy :)


We love Ms. Linda.

After work I finished my shopping and came home to a relaxing night with my boys! We then were asked to keep Nick and Lacee’s kids and of course we did!


How could anyone resist keeping that?!


She loves her uncle Jason!


Big brother Eli


Isn’t helping my baby fever any……not at all!

Babysit (7)

Sleeping next to the Christmas tree…they were so well behaved. We love keeping them! And when we need a date Nick and Lacee always return the favor!

Merry Christmas!

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