Thursday, December 6, 2012

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

So with Christmas quickly creeping up on us…I have been trying to get everything ready for us to have a great holiday and really get in the spirit!

I volunteered to put the Christmas tree up at my new job! I have actually gotten a lot of complements on it! Seeing at it took me 3 hours and some help from Teresa (one of the NPs) I think it looks great!


I had a Christmas shirt made for Landon. My friend Deanne is the best! I will definitely ask her for sewing tips after I get my machine! (Which is supposed to be this year!)


I just love it! I think it is so him! Especially with the red/orange hair!

Also…our elf Tinsel is quite a delight. I think he has mercy on Landon since he is only 2 1/2. He is always doing helpful things around the house! He noticed Landon’s favorite toy (right now) needed some new batteries. So while we were sleeping Matambo “Tambo” got some TLC.


Landon was so happy to have him back! He was to the point where he would stutter or not work at all so being from The North Pole he’s a pro at fixing toys!

Tomorrow I get off at noon and we are going to see Santa Smile Can’t wait to put Landon’s elf shirt on him and hopefully try and get a “card-worthy” picture!


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