Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas With The In-Laws

We traveled about 20 minutes away on the 23rd to have Christmas with Jason’s mother’s side. We went to his Aunt’s house. Landon’s twin cousins, Abby and Anna, were waiting for him to get there to play! They had rescued a kitten from a local car wash and couldn’t wait to show it to him, and of course he loved it!

I finally got them to stand still long enough to get a pic in front of Aunt Deborah’s Christmas tree.


They’re all getting so big!


That’s a lot of gifts!


Landon kept showing everyone where Ho Ho’s nose was…he loved that statue! He stood there and talked to it like it was real!

Next we had some dinner, and then passed out gifts


Landon actually got into opening gifts this year. He would throw the paper everywhere and just laugh…


Cousin Ryan helping him open his tractor from Grandmama


We got the girls Candy Land (one of my favs!) and some walkie talkies that look like iPhones.





He loved this truck! By the time we got home we had all memorized the song it played! I’m surprised we didn’t have to change the batteries after one night!

Not long after we had to pack up and head home due to someone getting VERY irritable and sleepy…

Christmas Eve Part 1 to come…

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