Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Festivities

We had my Christmas party for my new job. The newest Doctor hosted. They have a BEAUTIFUL home! We planned ahead of time to play Dirty Santa. Since Jason came with me we had to bring 2 gifts. We had a really good time.


Some of the nurses I work with, Ashton (left) and Katie (right)Party (2)

All of our Dirty Santa gifts. The most coveted were a pendant necklace, a memory foam pillow, and a chick-fil-a gift card (since ours is opening soon!)Party (3)

The wonderful host and hostessParty (4)

Party (5)

Party (6)

Getting ready to play…people were really scoping out what they wanted.Party (7)

Afterward we had a moment of silence and a little devotion. It’s so nice to work for people that have the same religious beliefs that you do. It makes you feel more comfortable and more like family

Merry Christmas!

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