Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Here I Come!

Well from the Christmas pictures I posted I saw that I kept ONE resolution from last year. My hair has grown so much! I plan on letting it grow long too!

This year my resolutions are very different. Yes, of course I’m going to go to the gym more, everyone says that, and I have slacked off BIG TIME and I don’t like it but I’m not making it a resolution. I’m promising myself I’ll do it! Here are my logical resolutions:

  • Keep a Better Budget
  • Keep a Meal Plan
  • Keep a Cleaning Schedule

Keep A Better Budget

We have been discussing a Dave Ramsey class at church. Not just in our young marrieds, but the whole church taking the class. I’ve heard that it really works. I have tried so hard to go through everything in the house and see what we have and what we are almost out of and wait until I’m completely out before buying something. Sometimes I have a bad habit of buying a new bottle of something when I already have it at home. I.E. Shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc. I’m working really hard at cutting down to the basics and using every last drop!

I have been cleaning out things and organizing like crazy while I’m off. I reorganized cabinets in the kitchen, laundry room, and under the sinks. Everything was taken out from under the sink except dishwasher soap, spot free rinse liquid for the dishwasher, Gain dishwasher liquid soap, oven cleaner, and a spot cleaner for the kitchen. I also moved the garbage bags, foil, wax paper, and food saver bags to a basket and placed under the sink as well which opened up a whole cabinet! Pretty excited! (Yes I know I’m easily amused)


Everything that was under the sink I wanted above the washer and dryer where little 2-year-old hands can’t reach. I caught him under the cabinet one day (which he NEVER does) and it freaked me out!

I organized all the laundry stuff above the washer and that left 2 cabinets above the dryer for everything else.


See what I mean…I’ve been using these pods now (which I love) but I have 2 unfinished bottles of detergent in the back. It made me feel wasteful and I DO NOT want to be wasteful!


And the same goes with the cleaning supplies. They were ok for the most part but all the bug sprays…I was like, “Where are they all coming from?” Another wasteful moment! I don’t like it! I also have the oil lamps in there for when we lose power with 2 bottles of oil. We’ve never had to use them but they’re there just in case.

Moving on…

Keeping a Meal Plan

I have done this before and it really does save money. I picked out some recipes…usually only about 3…because some night when you get home you just want to make a sandwich and be done with it but 3/4 of the time I cook. Go through your recipes and write down your ingredients, then go through the fridge and cabinets and mark off what you already have and need to use…Simple as that. I usually rewrite my grocery list (OCD) and ONLY buy what’s on it and nothing more. I am bad about picking up extras but when I do this is really works!

Keep a Cleaning Schedule

I have come across a few different schedules on Pinterest. I just have to find/make one that works for me. Here are a couple I like the most…

Deep Monthly Cleaning


Weekday Schedule


I will probably tailor them a little but these look pretty good!

I want this year to be…easier is not a good word…more organized, structure, and habit forming to make things easier…that’s better ;) I want happiness for my family, health, maybe more wealth (haha) and joy.

P.S. if anyone has noticed the watermarks on most of my pictures I found myself being pinned on Pinterest! Pretty exciting and flattering but I wanted my name on stuff so I fixed them! My candy bouquet was a hit to some!



Happy New Year and God Bless!

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