Monday, October 8, 2012

Catching Up!'s been almost a month since I've blogged! Ugh! I have missed it! So here goes the longest update ever!
Let's start with a little family shopping trip! Jason and I decided that we would go to Toys R Us and put some goodies on lay away. So we got Landon (this will be the last year for that I'm sure!) and headed to shop!
We get there and this catches his eye! He immediately says "YO HO!"
So we snapped this pic and sent it to Mimi and Grandad! They always like ideas! We shopped and shopped and found a lot of great stuff! I love being able to pay on things on my own time! After that we went to one of our favs! Chick-fil-A!
He loves him some ketchup!
September 10th!
Landon had Grandparent's Day at his school...he will sing the songs all day long at home but these are the pictures my mom got for me...
She said he was doing great and then almost fell so he sat down the rest of the time...poor baby...he was embarrassed!
September 23rd!
We had a family night planned with our young married couples group at church! The couple that leads the group has a huge piece of land with volley ball, playground equipment, and all kinds of fun stuff!
They made homemade ice cream so we brought the toppings! Everyone brought a dish and we had a blast!
Landon and Kale playing! They were so cute!
Love this kind of fellowship!
September 24th!
Landon's school did a fundraiser and sold HUGE mums! They were gorgeous! So my car was so full I could barely see out!

That same day my dad's dad and step mom came for a quick visit! We had a couple of cookouts and some quality family time!
Landon LOVES to ride! Whether it's the 4 wheeler or the lawn mower it doesn't matter! He wants to be on it!
Sweet Halloween goodies! This Pluto dances and Landon thinks it's the funniest thing!
Letting Memaw read to him! She used to read to me and I loved it!
Great pic! Love them!
September 27th!
Our church has a women's meeting every last Thursday of the month! This month's theme was CHOCOLATE! Here are all the yummy goodies everyone made...and yes...that IS chocolate covered bacon!
We watched the I Love Lucy episode where they work at the chocolate factory for a one!
We also did a workshop where we put the ingredients of chocolate chip cookies together to show how even though we're different, we need each other to thrive and make something great!
Phew! Well that was a monthly update! I will NOT let it get that far behind again!

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