Monday, September 10, 2012

A Farewell Family Day

We started off the weekend with some football! Of course! I LOVE FALL! I love the crisp air, the beautiful days, gorgeous Sunday mornings, fall decor, and especially football!
Gotta represent my roots ;) Boomer Sooner/Roll Tide!
Busted! Sneaking himself some chips.
My brother was hired on at our local Police Department in early August. So that means he has to go to the academy for 3 months. My mom and I were going shopping this past weekend so he tagged along to spend the day with us :) Of course every man wants to follow his mom and sister (and 2 year old nephew in tow) around shopping all day but he was a trooper and helped me with Landon a lot.
So we did some shopping and I actually got a few Christmas gifts (yes I start early) and then we went to The Red Elephant for lunch! One of our favs!
Be such a good boy at the restaurant. Maybe our terrible two's won't be terrible much longer!
My mom and brother. Tanner looks really excited!
After lunch and a little more shopping...(I had to hit of Hobby Lobby for some 40% off Christmas goodies! Especially lights since my nice, new, fluffy tree is not pre-lit!)...we went to my parents for a cook out. I love when my family gets together.
Playing in his playroom at Grammy and Paw paws.
Hopefully 3 months won't feel like a long time to be able to see T again on a regular basis. He can come home on weekend after a few weeks so it shouldn't be too bad!
Landon's preschool sends home monthly calenders to keep us in the know about what they're learning. I decided to use my 101 cookie cutters that I rarely use to maybe help him a little and of course make his lunches cuter!
So last week he was learning the star shape. So he got a star ham and cheese sand which.
And then of course on Fridays we need a football PB&J!
On Sunday we went to our new young married class and I took breakfast cupcakes and orange juice for everyone! You can find that recipe here. And of course they were a huge hit! I'm really loving out class. I feel like we finally have a group of people that actually get us and I think we're all going to be great friends!
The morning message was absolutely beautiful! We watched a video with a song called "Clear The Stage" by Jimmy Needham. Click here to hear this beautiful song and see the video!

After church we had some lunch and Landon napped. We were actually kind of lazy instead of the cleaning and yard work we usually do one Sunday afternoons. We watched Beyond Scared Straight and let me just tell you...that show is amazing...I think I know of some kids that need that experience.

Here are some more pics of my little golfer and a little video!

I love how he will bring the club to Jason for him to help him. He's starting to talk so much. Just this weekend along he said "Where are you," "Sowwy,"(Sorry) "Lellow" (Hello, Yellow) and a lot more! He's getting so big!

Here his golf video!

Hope everyone has a great week!