Sunday, August 26, 2012

A New Home Church & A Dedication

Two weeks ago we officially joined the church we have been attending for the past few months. I absolutely love this church and all it has to offer! Everyone is so welcoming and kind. Jason was actually a member of this church many years ago. So a lot of people will approach him and tell him how they knew his dad and how nice of a man he was and I know it makes Jason feel good. :)
We decided we wanted to have Landon dedicated. I wished I had done it when he was an infant but we were not a member of a church at that time. It was very important to us to go ahead and have it done and now especially because we had joined.
(Mom of the year here didn't take any before or any family pictures at church)
But he did absolutely great! He was quiet and didn't have a fit when people were praying, clapping, or while his slideshow I made was playing. He just kept his head down on Jason's shoulder and ate the grip cookies that I was handing him one by one. ;)
Here are some of the slides from his video...I also had "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean playing while the pictures were rolling...
We were so happy that day with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, Jason's aunt, uncle, and their children, Jason's grandmother, my best friend and her family, and Jason's best friend. We had a full house and of course that was the only time I have ever been that hot in church. It is NEVER that hot in there but it was great all the same!
After church Jason, Landon and I, my mom, and my brother and sister-in-law went out to our local Mexican restaurant for lunch. It was great! I'm so happy that Landon is well behaved (most of the time...) in public venues again!
After lunch we came home and Landon took a LOOOOOONG nap...then my parents came over for dinner. I had made a cake the day before and we had ice cream too! I'm pretty proud of my cake decorating skills!
I would really love to take a cake decorating class one day!
My little table scape! Complete with Landon's Dedication certificate and his letter from Brother Rick for the day he is baptized!
My sweet angel! He was such a big boy!
He got some presents to...a new choo choo (Chuggington) movie and some Bible Stories coloring books.
All in all it was a great Sunday!

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