Sunday, July 22, 2012

He Thinks We're Just Fishin'...

So this weekend we went to yet another birthday party for some very close friends. This was a double party. They have 3 kids total with one on the way. So today we celebrated Tucker's 4th and JD's 1st birthday.
We let Landon try out his new fishing pole (it has Mickey Mouse on cute!) before the party!
Please excuse all my pillows being out of place. Landon like to throw them off so I've kinda just given up on keeping them fixed for now...
We had to make a trip to get their gifts before the party because I wasn't sure if we would be able to go or not due to Landon's 2 year old molars coming in and his upset tummy. But all was well as of 8 a.m. so we carried on with our plans. I got the best pic walking through the aisles!
He was definitely ready for some fishing and helped us pick out gifts for his buddies.
The party was located at a local baseball training camp/fishing pond/event venue. It's quite the place I think.
Landon is in that stage where it's his way or NO WAY! Ugh! Sometimes I just have to take a deep breath! Anyhoo...the kids played on the little put-put golf course while we waited for the other guests to arrive.
Jason had decided to play in a softball tournament about an hour away so we all went for a bit. Which is awesome because Landon is everywhere these days!
He looooooooves his daddy!
I love how he will leave his hat on now!
This little girl! I could have put her in my pocket! I hope if I have a daughter one day that she LOVES the camera like Miss Elin!!!
I could just eat her up! Maybe she can be Landon's girlfriend!
Okay so back to the party...(I'm sure it's obvious now how BADLY I want a little girl!)...the party set up was just adorable!
The cups say Tucker on one side and JD on the other...LOVE it!
Goldfish bread sandwiches! Yummy!
Once the rest of the guests arrived we ventured down to the pond to ride the paddle boats and start fishing. Since we couldn't stay long I just shot some quick picks.
I tried to get a good family picture in front of the lake but Landon had other plans...I just love the terrible two's.....
I'm happy to say that my ZUMBA classes are paying off...I can actually see results in this picture...whoop whoop! Go me!
Here are a couple of iPhone pics...
This one isn't that great but Landon is in the undress myself stage and well...he got was too funny not to snap...
Hehe...that's one I'm going to show his buddies one day ;)
Heading to church this morning :) Even though he didn't act very nice and Jason had to take him to the nursery he sure did look cute!

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