Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Pinterest Project :)

So we will hopefully be taking Landon to Disney World before he's 3 so we will only have to pay for me and Jason. Plus Jason has never been and he will be 30 in November do this trip would be more for him than Landon but who cares right? I've only been once at 13 and I can't wait to go back. This is what Cinderella's Castle looked like when I went!
It was the 25 years of Disney celebration! We were even in one of the parades! We had a blast!
On that note I found a project on Pinterest that I thought would be a great fun way to save up some money.
I found the shadow box at Michael's, printed off a picture of Cinderella's Castle for the back ground, and got stickers of the characters (also from Michael's) and got to work.
I found the Disney font from this site!. It's awesome! I laid the castle picture on top of the paper with the words I wanted to use, and put my stickers on.
Isn't it cute?! After I was finished with the back, I put the character stickers on. I found one big sticker with all of them so I wanted it to look like they were standing in front of the castle.
My dad cut a slit in the top so we could drop our money in! I love it! But I have to put it up high because Landon thinks it's a toy.
I'm going to redo it every time we want to take a new vacation. Just change the background!

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