Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miracle League, Birthdays, & Babies!

So Thursday kicked of Miracle League that I've been helping out with. I absolutely love going to the games! It is so much fun and rewarding!
Then Saturday we went to one of my best friend's son's birthday party. He was turning 3! I remember the day he was born!
OMGoodness I feel old!
Sweet boy!
All the kids got together and played outside and ate cake and ice cream.
Drew and his baby brother Adam
They were having so much fun playing in the dirt!
I left early to head to meet my best friend's new baby
Baby Jake!
I love him so much already! Gives me baby fever like whoa!!! But we have got to wait a couple more years before any new gingers come along!
He is so precious! I was so honored to stay with him and Tabby in the hospital for the night!
READING I took a break from The Hunger Games. I have been hearing all kinds of madness about these books called Fifty Shades of Grey
I finished it in a couple days and am buy book number 2 as we speak. I will say that this book is VERY, how should I say it, descriptive, yes that's a good word. It's definitely something that adults should read. I blushed a lot but it was SO GOOD I couldn't put it down!
I know I will finish The Hunger Games but for now I am hooked on the relationship of Christian and Anastasia "Ana" and where they will end up!
And in the business of our recovery I forgot to mention that Landon had his tonsils out! So here's a little recap of that. He did well but it was rough!

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