Monday, April 9, 2012


I always get carried away when it comes to Holidays but I think that's a good thing! I remember things from my childhood that my mom did for me and my brother, which in turn, I will do for Landon and whoever else comes along!
We started off April by taking the munchkin to see the Easter Bunny at the mall!
He was so excited and was happy and talking to him and told him bye bye when it was time to go! He smiled in his picture. I made a fool of myself making him smile but who cares?!
Look at the face! The big smile was just before and the woman missed it!!! Ugh I was like, "You let me worry about making him smile, ok?" But anyway I love this picture!

This year for Landon's Easter Party I wanted to make these:
Sadly...I had been working at another site in a town about 35 minutes away and by the time I got home every night I didn't want to do ANYTHING! So I just bought some cute sugar cookies and some candy and bagged them up really cute and went with that!
On Easter Eve the Easter Bunny got everything out for Landon's basket that he has been gathering up since the Easter gear was out!
The main things were the Elmo Goes Potty book and DVD!
Hopefully we can hit hard on potty training after his birthday. I have also been scanning Amazon like crazy for boy potty books. A lot of them you can get used for like $0.01 and pay shipping and they look brand new!
Easter morning Landon awoke to see what the Easter Bunny had bought and it was safe to say he loved his goodies!
We waited to hunt eggs until the boys came home.
Daddy and Pawpaw helped Landon find all the eggs!
After that he got the hang of it!
So sweet!

I'm IN LOVE with this picture!
My mom and I cooked a big dinner of pot roast, homemade mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, and my Nanny's sheet cake. (Sorry, I won't share that sacred recipe!)
It was a great day with family!
Happy Easter Everyone!

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