Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Very Fun, But Busy Weekend!

So last Sunday we went to my best friend's son's 5th birthday. Gosh I can't believe my Parker Poo is 5 years old! I can remember his birth like yesterday! I had a head full of white hair and has been the most precious thing every since!
Here are some pictures of our little buddy!
I love this one because he kept saying, "Landon is my buddy," "Where's my buddy." He just loved his little buddy.
Now he's all grown up and a big 5 year old!
Parker with his Cars cake!
Love you guys!
This has been another busy week of collecting sponsors and trying to get ready for my golf tournament for Alzheimer's Disease. Between that, walking after work, helping with the Miracle League, and being a wife and mother I'm pooped!
Then FINALLY Friday night Jason took me to see The Hunger Games! It was SOOO good that even Jason enjoyed it!
Then this weekend Courtney (in the above picture) and I threw a baby shower for our BFF Tabby!
The invitation! So cute! I order from this website! You guys should check her out! She is great!!!
Me and the beautiful mommy-to-be!
The gift table!
They had baby booties on them! So cute!
Playing The Belly Game!
Blake helping Mommy open her gifts. He kept saying, "More diapers, more diapers."
Sweet Day!
Last night once I got home Landon helped me decorate the Easter Tree.
He was so into it! I also found the cutest little sign at Hobby Lobby so now I have a few decorations for Easter!
I also decided to make a wreath for the door!
Easter Wreath
First...I wrapped a piece of flat Styrofoam with ribbon (It's done in 2 colors because I ran out of green but oh well!)
I did a layer of eggs on top just to have a guide line for the rest.
Then I did a layer on the inside and then began filling in the gaps!
Here's my finished product! I'm not going to show any bow tying tips until I get it down. It took me FOREVER and a few choice words to make that one look good!
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter!

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