Sunday, March 18, 2012

Through The Good Times, And Bad...

This weekend was full of activities. We started Saturday off with participating in Run/Walk fundraiser in our town. It was in memory of a sweet little family that was separated too soon. I only knew the father of this sweet family but I hear the most beautiful things about them.
Here are some shots from the event! I'm so happy we could be a part of it!
Everyone gathering up and getting ready to do the 5K!
The beautiful new playground that was built in Shep's memory!
Getting ready to start the Shep Sprint!!! Landon was so excited and jumping up and down!
Landon's precious medal, number, and t-shirt. It's a little big but I'm sure he'll grow into it!
Sadly, after we finished I got a phone call from my husband saying that he thought his aunt may have had a stroke. So we went home and got things in order and waited for my mom to come and look after Landon. We stopped and picked up Jason's grandmother and headed to Baptist South hospital.
Sadly, it was not a stroke, it was an aneurism. And after many tests to check for brain activity the sad news gave us the answer none of us wanted.
We love and will miss you Shirley!

In the midst of all the sadness we went to our good friends' house to take our mind off things and let the babies play.
Playing chase! They were laughing and having so much fun!
Landon loved Easton's 4-wheeler! I wish I had caught a pic of his face when he hit the button that made it go. We couldn't breathe we were laughing so hard! He loved it! Definitely a plus since my parents are getting him a jeep for his birthday!

This week was really tough...We had the funeral for Shirley and that night Landon came and crawled in bed with us and he had a terrible fever! He was so hot that non of us could sleep. I just knew it was the flu, he just had that "flu-ish" look about him. So I called my boss and took him to work and started some tests on wasn't the flu... it was strep has an appointment with a local ENT to look at getting his tonsils/adenoids removed.

Luckily my mom was able to stay with him for me since we were out of work this week for the funeral, and then Jason stayed with him on Friday.

All my events thus far are going very well...I have gotten some sponsors and players for my golf tournament. I have to keep telling myself...even if it's small this have to start somewhere...

The doctor I work for has a team in the Miracle League and he needed some help calling past players so I am now the "coordinator"...but this won't get busy until after the golf tournament...phew!

I picked up Landon some more clothes yesterday
Lots of little polos and t-shirts
Little jean shorts and cotton cute!
Cute jammie sets
And some new kicks! I can't believe my little baby wears a 7 1/2 shoe! Well the 7 fit but I got a half size bigger so maybe they will last us a few months! He's getting so big!

We're heading off to a birthday party for my "nephew" (really my best friend's son) later today. We are going to do a little bowling and if there's time stop by some golf stores to ask for sponsorships/prize donations!

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