Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lots and Lots To Do!

So I have TONS of things going on right now! Here is my list of projects:
1) Birthday Party for one of Landon's friends named Jaxon. It was Mickey Mouse themed and SO CUTE! Mickey was even at the party!
I was afraid Landon would flip out but he ran right up to him and hugged him. And Mickey carried him around for awhile. I was so happy he liked it! Even after Mickey put him down he followed him EVERYWHERE! So sweet!
At first he was like, "I don't know about that mom."
A little closer...
It was over from this point on. Everywhere Mickey was, that's where Landon wanted to be.
To the left in the yellow shirt is Jaxon, the birthday boy!
Landon was showing where Mickey's nose is.
Landon with Mickey and Jaxon. Love it! The kids had such a blast and were talking about going back with Mickey to the Club House and it was all so cute!
2) I got an invitation to the Junior Women's League meeting next Tuesday so I will hopefully get initiated! (Fingers crossed!)
3) * March 10th for the first part of the day we are participating in a run/walk for some special people that were lost in a tragic accident last year.
* Then that evening I am helping with a beauty pageant for work that benefits Relay for Life.
4) March 24th is the first shower I'm helping with for my friend Tabby!
5) Easter lunch and egg hunting at my house with family!
6) My golf tournament benefiting Alzheimer's Disease is on April 16th so in the midst of everything else I am working hard to make that a success: finding sponsors, gifts for the winners, etc.
7) My birthday is April 18th
8) April 28th is my other friend Jordan's shower.
9) Relay for Life is May 4th and I'm helping with a lot of that
10) My sweet baby boy will be 2 on May 13th. (tear :'( )
Ok so I'm sure I'm missing some and some will be added!
And in the midst of it all I'm trying to better organize my house, do the front flower beds, Jason is building our back porch (finally), reading The Hunger Games, and I'm sure more birthday parties will arise! Phew I'm already tired!!!

This is Landon's new favorite toy. Yes it's a plastic tub. What more can I say?
I think I have the cutest little boy in the world! ;)
Hope everyone has a great week!

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