Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Bodies!

So my hubby and I went to see The Vow while my brother and sister-in-law watched our munchkin. It was pretty good, however I will say I didn't like the ending but it's based on true events so you can't be that upset about it. I shed a few tears but it was nothing like the woman behind us who was literally snot-bubble crying and it took all we had to not laugh every time she would blubber!
I'm still on the second book of The Hunger Games. I feel like it moves slower than the first and we've super busy trying getting ready for our yard sale that then got postponed due to the rain. So we've just had a hectic couple of weeks. But once we finally got to have it we did great!
Here is one shot but it was SO COLD that we stayed in the car unless we had someone pull up!
We were able to buy the deep freezer we wanted and stock it up!!! Whoohoo!
4Landon also got lucky out of the deal with some new duds! Some jammies and some spring clothes :)
Landon is talking more and more. I can't believe he will be 2 in May.
I have been working really hard to come up with cute ideas for his Gnomeo & Juliet party. I found the cutest ornament on Amazon for his cake topper. And of course everything will be half red and half blue. But that's about as good as it gets because there are no party supplies for that yet (as usual I pick something new to do for him!)
The ornament at the top left is going to be his cake topper. If you've seen the movie there's a scene where Juliet rides the lawn mower and spells something in the grass. So I'm thinking that will be a big part of our cake! :D
I also joined the Disney Movie Club and got Landon 5 movies for about $15. He loves them! We watched a Tarzan yesterday and he thought it was so funny.
We got our tax return money this past week THANK GOD! We will finally get to tie up these loose ends and build our back porch! We’ve got to get on it because that's where we want to have Landon's birthday party.
We have also discussed getting him a swing set. We have an idea of what we want to get him but we'll see what happens. Here are some of the options...
My dad's birthday was also this weekend. So we took him to our local Mexican restaurant. We also told the waiter it was his birthday ;)
I have also started piecing Landon's Easter basket together. I start early and just buy cute things as I see them. We will be starting potty training soon so when I found the Elmo Goes Potty book I couldn't pass it up! These Playtex cups are also the most awesome cups ever! So when I find new patterns I get them!
Hopefully things will start to slow down a little...ok yeah right but a girl can dream! I still have 2 baby showers, my golf tournament for Alzheimer's Disease I'm putting together, and Landon's 2nd birthday.......
Hope everyone has a great week!

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