Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Dip!!!

Ok people...I've had TONS of requests for my buffalo chicken dip recipe so here ya go!
Buffalo Chicken Dip
• 2 packs of 8oz cream cheese (regular or light)
• 1 bag (equals 2 cups) of shredded cheese (I use finely shredded fiesta blend but I don't think it matters what kind)
• 1 cup of ranch dressing (regular or light. I use more than a cup so it's more creamy)
• 1 cup of hot sauce (I use more than a cup so I guess you could say to taste)
• 3 cans of canned chunked chicken (drained)

As said in previous posts I use all Great Value (Wal-Mart) Brand products but anything will do. Just pile it all in your crock pot and stir occasionally and say hello to creamy, yummy, spicy goodness! It's great for game days or cookouts! We love it and it's a hit where ever I take it! Yum yum!
It is great served with tortilla chips, crackers, or tricuits. In general it's just darn good!
So I have been home for the past 2 days with Landon due to an ear infection :( Poor baby. I'm not complaining by any means because this is only his second one EVER. His fever FINALLY broke today so hopefully I will be able to go back to work tomorrow.
He carries that stuffed Buzz Lightyear AND the small plastic one around everywhere. So sweet.
I was able to get some cleaning in and to go through some stuff for the yard sale in 2 weeks. I also refilled my printer cartridges which is a new thing for me.
I'm not so sure how I feel about this. I states on the box "Without the mess..."
My advice to anyone who uses these is make sure you have some gloves to wear! AND it says my cartridges are empty on my printer even though they are full. On a good note I am saving money because there are 2 sets in the color and 4 sets in the black so that's good.
I have been really using my grill pan these days, especially since we're out of charcoal right now. I just sprinkled a little bit of Cavender's Seasoning and it was SO good!
Throw a few of these along with it and you have a quick and easy meal!
OMG and most importantly...the most incredibly greatest thing on Earth!!!!
It doesn't stain clothes!!! They hardly EVER have it at the store so when they do I buy most if not all of it! I was getting ugly looks from a woman who apparently wanted some so I just bought half this time but it is awesome!
So I finished the first book today and started on the second. So far I'm hooked! The movie for the first book comes out in March and I can't wait!!!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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