Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Birthday, Bubbles, and a Little in the Middle

So we started last weekend off with one of my friend's son's first birthday party. It was at a new place in our town called The Party Pad. It was pretty cute. It has 2 party rooms, all kinds of games, and a miniature golf course outside. There was a fish pond that my little ginger just couldn't stay away from!
He loved it! The fish would come right up to the top of the water and he could almost touch them. He thought that was so funny. We spent 3/4 of the party in this very spot.
Eventually he decided he couldn't catch them so we moved on to the miniature golf course...
Once the characters came out he looked at me with this expression like, "Hey mom, it's time to go mmmkay?"
We made it back just in time to watch Greysen enjoy his smash cake!
Happy Birthday Greysen!!!
The next day was a cleaning/lazy/read day and Landon played with his Zoo Talkers that Mimi and Grandad got for him this past Christmas
I love that Buzz Lightyear goes to the zoo! ;)
He sits and plays with this thing for hours!
He also loves to watch Small Potatoes on Disney. I think it's adoreable but too and he just laughs at it (it's so cute)
Yesterday we did a little playing outside.
Landon has decided he likes to jump off everything (he's ALL boy!) so I have been saying, "Ready, set, go!" So here he is doing all the movements...
He was having so much fun!
And then we found the bubbles!!!
How precious is he?!?!?! He had so much fun that once we got inside (because it started to down pour) he tuckered out and took him a little cat nap.
Sadly that night he started running a fever that I couldn't break. I tried everything I knew to break it: cool baths, tylenol, motrin, doubling both meds every 2 hours until the fever breaks, and nothing was working. Then this morning he started picking at his right ear and I thought uh oh...and yes, sure enough he has his second ear infection. (and no I'm not really complaining because I know a lot of kids have worse all the time) but I just hate to see my munchkin sick!
So with that said I will be home with him from work tomorrow. I have started reading The Hunger Games
As I said in earlier posts my brother and sis-in-law and everyone else for that matter have been raving about this series so I thought I should join the band wagon so I won't be so far behind like I was with Twilight!
And since I'm going to be home with lil man tomorrow I'm going through his room and everything thing I can in this house for our yard sale coming up soon! We need to make a good chunk so we can start building out back porch. We have until May for Landon's 2nd birthday. I wanted to have it at home this year and hopefully the kids can play on the swingset we are looking into for his gift. I'm pretty sure we are having a Gnomeo and Juliet party. He LOVES that movie!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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