Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Great Weekend and a Sale!

So this weekend was great! Not only was it a 3-day-weekend, but we got a new entertainment center!'s not brand new it's used but it's new to me and it's TEN TIMES better than what we had! We were planning on getting a new one with tax returns and a friend on FB had hers listed and I snatched it up in about 30 minutes!!!
This is what we were dealing with before!
Sad I know! It looked like college kids were living here!
Jason won a golf tournament before we were even engaged and we went straight to Wal-Mart and purchased this TV and the stand. Over time this poor stand has started to get tired in the middle and bow in. And I had those black shelves from when I lived at home with my parents, on each side of my computer table.
So needless to say...
I was SO excited!!!!!
My mom was supposed to have surgery today so I had taken off work. Then she tells me 2 days ago that she moved the date so I had a day to go get some goodies to decorate my new wall unit!
I'm not finished yet but this is where I have gotten so far...
I also have new picture frames with updated pictures waiting for me to pick up from Wal-Mart but I forgot to go back to the photo lab and get them (never fails!)
Here are some I already had...
We also did some playing outside and a bunch of laundry, in which I had a helper...of course...
He only likes turning the light off and on but that's okay.
After our Hobby Lobby run to Dothan and back, I had a doctor's appointment and I decided to make that doctor's office my Office of the Month for my Mary Kay. So we went to Dollar Tree (MY MOST FAVORITE STOR EVER!!!) and got supplies. I also got Landon's Valentine's Day Party supplies. So cute!
This is the basket of goodies (candy, samples, etc.)
My current sale is anything and everything to do with lips. So a ton of the candy in the bottom was either chocolate shaped lips of suckers and conversation hearts and all that fun stuff!
They loved it!!! Hopefully that will give me a couple new customers.
Then we ventured to Wal-Mart and got Landon some Toy Story valentines. He said ooooooooooooohhh!
(This is him showing them to me!)
I also got him a Chuggington no sew blanket. (That will be his Valentine's Day present)
He was pretty excited when he saw it so I went ahead and put it in the buggy. I swear I'm a mushy mess when it comes to that little boy! I'll be dead broke if I ever have another baby!
(But I hope I get to have another one soon!)

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