Saturday, December 10, 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time!

I'M BAAAAACK! I know I haven't written in forever! Things are so SUPER crazy for me this time of year!
So I hosted Thanksgiving at my new house this year and I will say it was QUITE an adventure!
My mom came over early that day for us to begin cooking. We haven't done a turkey in years so we usually have some sort of Cornish hen or turkey legs and every year we have a ham. Well THIS year we both got our stories confused and I thought she had the ham and she thought I had the ham. Long story short NO ONE had any ham! So we ventured to Wal-Mart and had to buy this little one but everything turned out ok in the end! Haha! We ended up having the 3 of us, my parents, and my husband's brother and his 3 kids. So we had a pretty good crowd. And It was so nice outside that day I was able to get some fun pictures of Landon.
After dinner and everything was cleaned up I ventured to Wal-Mart (AGAIN) to begin the Black Friday festivities. All I wanted was a Kindle (for myself) and that's what I got and after that I went home!
The Next Day
I was off the Friday after Thanksgiving and I offered to keep my buddy's little boy, Easton. While he and Landon played I did my Christmas decorations! SO EXCITED!
Our tree! I plan on getting a bigger one next year now that I have so much more room! I would love to have a tall skinny one but a fluffy one would be great too. Whatever good deal I find I guess!
You just don't know HOW LONG I have waited for a place to actually hang my stockings! Ugh I love Christmas time!!!!!
And last but not least
I took on the liberty of trying to take my own Christmas card pictures this year. Needless to say it is A LOT HARDER than it looks...but this is the one that we went with...
Merry Christmas!!!

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