Thursday, October 13, 2011

A VERY long day and a craft!

So at 3 o'clock this morning my little man started crying on the monitor. I usually let him fuss a little and he will go back to sleep. Well he kept crying and crying so I got up to go get him and the smell of soured something liked to have knocked me down! My pour baby was sick. I had to wake up my poor husband who had to get up in 1 1/2 hours to help me give him a bath so I could clean up the mess (because my poor hubby has a very weak stomach). So we went back to bed and when Landon woke up again I got up and got ready and took him to see the doctor. He was very brave, no ear infections, strep throat, or flu which was good, but we do have a tummy bug that's going around.
You wouldn't think he was sick with that big grin but he had a terrible fever.

Once we finally got home and had some breakfast and watched our favorite movie, Toy Story 3, he seemed to start feeling better and got up to play. So I began working on a craft I saw on pinterest!
I lady I work with loaned me her Cricut to try out and I wanted to try etching our name into a pyrex dish. That seems smart to me because you will never lose it if you use it for potluck or it would be a great bridal shower gift with some wooden spoons and some recipes and dish rags or something.

So anyways I started by cutting out my last name and a pretty design on the cricut. I’m only showing the design for privacy reasons.
Then I used the etching goo that came in the box with the cricut
I just spread it on with a plastic knife and you let it set for 15-30 minutes. But some little boy wanted to snuggle so mine set for awhile.
I finally got little man asleep and was able to wash off the excess with warm water. Then I peeled off the vinyl and rinsed again.
I'm very please with how it turned out for my first etching experience.
I am happy to announce that little man's fever FINALLY broke and that he is feeling much better! So it's back to work tomorrow!

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