Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mommy’s Night Out!

One of my best friends, Jessica and I got tickets to The Alabama Shakespear Festival to see The Little Mermaid! My all time favorite Disney movie! I absolutely love going to the threatre! It is so much fun! And plus…there are drinks…
My mom came and helped Jason with the kids, I met Jess at work and we headed towards Montgomery to grab some dinner first!
Of course once we got there we had to take a picture with Ariel! This play was absolutely incredible! So much like the movie but had its own special parts/songs as well. Can you tell we’re a little excited?!
Waiting on the opening act!
Ran into a great friend! Mama D is one of the best people I know! We got some drinks during intermission!
We had the best time! Can’t wait until the next show!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Newborn Photo Session

We had our newborn session today! I LOVE them! The photographer has taken all of our major milestone family pictures. From our wedding to our newest edition. I absolutely love her! She is so patient with kids. Landon kept worrying that Chandler was going to poop on him since she didn’t have a diaper on. So we had to take some pictures and take a break and have a snack/bottle. These are my favorites. I am so proud of them!
She looks like a little angel! She had a full belly and did great! It was big brother who needed some breaks. But he did a great job too.
I mean could this be any sweeter! I love that Chandler almost has a little grin!

I had to frame this one for my desk! My whole heart in one picture!
My perfect little ginger family! My heart is so happy it could just burst! I am so unbelieveably blessed!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adjusting to 2

The next day we had to take Chandler to see her pediatrician and get a weight check. So we got up, ate breakfast, fed everybody, packed the bag, loaded up and off we went. I’m an over packer. I was so terrified that I might forget something that I think I packed 2 of everything.
We got a great report! She only lost 1 ounce since coming home from the hospital!
Once we got home Landon asked if he could hold his baby sister. Why of course!
Oh. My. Goodness.
Milly guarding her baby…
That sleepy little grin!
The rest of the day was filled with feedings, burps, snuggles, more feedings and more snuggles. Now we’re all clean and ready for bed!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Coming Home!

After about 2 and a half days they cleared me to come home. I couldn’t pack fast enough! I missed my big baby! My mom was at our house taking care of Landon and our dog and when I called to tell her we were headed home she said well we will just stay here and I’ll cook some dinner. Winning!
I wanted to make sure we got a going home picture infront of the awesome door hanger!
I was given this going home gown and I LOVE it! I will definitely be putting it in her Hope Chest
(We HATED the carseat at first)
Daddy loading up his princess. He just got certified to do carseats the proper way. So he’s making sure she’s safe and secure Winking smile
We let Milly meet her new sister. She loves her. Lays by her. Guards her. I hope it stays that way
Oh how I’ve missed this sweet boy! Even though I saw him or talked to him every day that we were gone, it’s not the same as being home with him
Oh how I love these two!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

While in the Hospital

Landon stayed with my parents while we were in the hospital with Chandler. They came to the hospital every day to see us. He was so apprehensive to hold her for a couple of days. He wanted to look at her and talk to her and kiss her but not hold her himself. They came back on day 2 and he decided he wanted to try it out.
He was so proud of himself and I was so proud of him! I didn’t push him (like some did) to hold her. I let him do it in his own time. And it seemed to be the best thing for him
I love this picture! Everyone I love in one little square!
Daddy’s not wrapped already at all…nope…not at all
I loved early morning cuddle time. They would come at around 4am and take her to the nursery and get her measurements, weight and feed her (if I hadn’t already) and bring her back swaddled up tight
My heart could just burst!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chandler’s Birth Story {Part 3}

The next day my family was coming home from the beach and got to stop and meet our sweet baby girl! I’m so happy they got to stop by!
Mimi and Grandad (great grandparents)
Aunt Kara
I think Grandad is a little smitten
Cousins Kelsey and Libby
I wish they could’ve stayed longer. But I’m so happy they got to meet her!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Chandler’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Once we got moved to our post partum room I think I may have taken a small nap. But all I could do was look at her. I got up and started walking after 6 hours. The nurses were amazed. But I had full feeling back and I wanted up. We had tons of visitors throughout the day.
Kathryn, my friend of about 5 years now, took off work to come and take pictures for us!
Waiting in the hallway while I was in surgery. They walked in the door as they were wheeling me down to the OR. I was in a little bit of a panic until I saw them
Right after they brought her into the nursery.
The first time I got to hold my baby girl. I’ve waited so long for this moment. And to have a daugher is truly a dream come true!
And I also got some sugar from my big baby! He said, “Mommy, did they cut the baby out?”
Grammy, Pawpaw and Kathryn getting them some Chandler love!
Chandler brought Landon a surprise. Some little Thomas trains to play with while at the hospital.
Tanner and Jessie came after work that day, along with my friend, Jessica from work.
Aunt Tabby got to come after school and Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Cindy too!